The initial period of the doctoral program over the first six months is held at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock.

The initial training period encompasses:

  • weekly lectures and research seminars given by eminent scholars from various disciplines, covering a broad range of topics in aging research
  • weekly to bi-monthly soft skills or research method seminars
  • weekly to bi-monthly graduate classes where PhD and postdoctoral students present and discuss their research

During the time of the initial training period the PhD and postdoctoral students are given the opportunity to use the interdisciplinary surrounding in order to develop detailed thesis outlines and/or research plans.

Dafni Diliagka

"The MaxNetAging Research School provided me with an intensive program of seminars and lectures that furthered my knowledge of demographic, social, economic, legal and biological aspects of aging. It also gave me the opportunity to personally discuss these topics with researchers at the leading edge of their fields."

Dafni Diliagka, MaxNetAging doctoral scholar at the MPI for Social Law and Social Policy

Oskar Burger

"What I appreciate most about MaxNetAging is the interdisciplinary atmosphere. Finding connections among disciplinary perspectives is the ideal path for progress in the science of aging. The talks and discussions are excellent and inspiring. They have led to many challenging exchanges and the generation of numerous potential research projects."

Oskar Burger, former MaxNetAging postdoctoral scholar at the MPI for Demographic Research

Continuous education:

Following the initial training period, education and research is being continued at the Max Planck Institutes that the MaxNetAging students are affiliated with. Additionally, the MaxNetAging students are invited to an annual graduate workshop as well as an annual MaxNetAging conference together with former and current fellows of MaxNetAging and internationally renowned experts in aging research.

Curriculum overview for PhD-students (3 years) and Postdocs (2 years):

Curriculum overview for PhD-students (3 years) and Postdocs (2 years)

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Former initial training course programs:

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