Program 2015

Introduction to Demography and Aging Research
Roland Rau, Rostock University

Health Inequalities: Principal Facts and Measurement Issues
Vladimir Shkolnikov, MPIDR

The Biodemography of Human Longevity
James W. Vaupel, MPIDR

The Historical Demography of Mortality
James E. Oeppen, Max-Planck Odense Center Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Biodemography

Heiner Maier, MPIDR

The Physiology of Aging
Rüdiger Köhling, Rostock University

Model organisms in aging research
Ralf Schaible, MPIDR

Long live the Queen and short the worker: ageing in eusocial organisms
Boris Kramer, MPIDR

The Diversity of Ageing across the Tree of Life: Male - Female Aspects
Alexander Scheuerlein, MPIDR

Natural experiments and social determinants of old age survival
Tobias Vogt, MPIDR

Epidemiology of Aging and Disability
Gabriele Doblhammer, Rostock University

Diversity of Aging across the Tree of Life
Owen Jones, Max-Planck Odense Center

EU Funding Opportunities – What’s in for me?
Babett Gläser

Implications of demographic aging for retirement schemes
Carsten Schröder, DIW Berlin

Scientific Writing Seminar
Justin Mullins and Mark Buchanan

What do we know about education in old age? Chances and challenges of analyzing longitudinal qualitative data of the ILSE Study
Ines Himmelsbach, Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg

Ethnographic methods which might be useful not only for anthropologists: micro-census and genalogies
Günther Schlee, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle

Mediterranean Diet and cognition: epidemiology and mechanisms
Nikolaos Scarmeas, The Neurological Institute of New York

Using mathematical models to understand tissue dynamics and predict cellular ageing
Arne Traulsen, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön

The aging decision maker: Modeling decline and compensation within a cognitive architecture
Hanna Fechner, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin

Measures for Comparing the Mortality History of Cohorts
Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Max-Planck Odense Center

Social Support in an Ageing Europe - Evidence from SHARE?!
Martina Brandt, Technische Universität Dortmund

Introduction to LaTeX
Micaela Krieger-Hauwede

Elderly migrants in Germany: Development, heterogeneity and future aspects
Paul Becker, MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen

Adolescent Decision-Making: a neurobiological analyses
Wouter van den Bos, Stanford University and MPI for Human Development, Berlin

Anticipation Effects in Language Processing: Older vs. Younger Adults
Cornelia Moers, MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen

Towards an Ecological Perspective on Age-Performance Relations
Rui Mata, Universität Basel

Introduction to Network Analysis
Philip Leifeld, University of Konstanz

Writing a successful grant application
Katja Hübel, MPI für Eisenforschung GmbH, Düsseldorf

Introduction to R
Iain Stott

Convergent Pathomechanisms of Progeroid Connective Tissue Disorders
Uwe Kornak, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin

25 Years of Neuroimaging: Progress Towards Understanding the Pathophysiology of ADHD
Francisco Xavier Castellanos, NYU Child Study Center

Neuroplasticity over the lifespan and implications for successful aging
Ben Godde, Jacobs University Bremen

Poster and presentation course
Silvia Leek

Soft Skill Course
Communication & presentation in the academic context: How to be confident and persuasive

The Genomic Basis of the Evolution of Longevity - Analysis of a 30-Year-Long Selection Experiment in Drosophila
Thomas Flatt, University of Lausanne